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We are the leading SEO company in Alberta, Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas.

Alberta is a fast-growing province, in fact, it is Canada’s fourth-most populous province, according to Wikipedia. Because of its burgeoning economy, more and more people are settling in the city which has caused a rise in competition among local businesses and requiring business owners to opt in for SEO as part of their online marketing strategies. All in the effort of putting their products and services before prospective clients.

What is SEO? SEO is about making your website show up on search engine platforms such as Google and Bing. For many years, SEO Alberta has been helping businesses grow their brand through first-class SEO marketing strategies that deliver great results on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Our expert team of professionals brings their proven expertise and knowledge of modern SEO technologies and techniques in boosting organic traffic, increasing revenues, and driving in leads and sales.

Local and Organic SEO

We are the Alberta SEO services company that specializes in local and organic SEO for all types of businesses and for a variety of industries. Whether you want to increase the traffic to your website or looking to rank keywords associated to your business on Google, we can help you achieve that. We only implement ethical and white SEO solutions that are guaranteed to boost your website's organic traffic and grow your business online.  Our strategies are aligned with Google's best practices and the latest search engine algorithmic updates.

When you hire SEO Alberta, you can rest assured that we will expand your reach not only within Alberta but throughout Canada and even around the world. We work with other SEO Companies like Webcarpenter, Banana SEO, Vancouver SEO, etc to take your brand and business to places it has never been and in front of more people than ever before. When we take over your SEO campaign, you will begin to witness an increase in website visitors and sales. We are the SEO company in Alberta you can trust to promote your services, and products across Alberta with laser targeted SEO optimization strategies.

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We will optimize your landing pages and other pages on your website to rank on the first page of search results for your niche keywords. When you hire us for SEO, you will get:

  • ✔️Unrivaled results
  • ✔️Maximum ROI
  • ✔️Increased Sales
  • ✔️Minimized Risks
  • ✔️90% organic traffic boost

SEO Alberta campaign strategies are customized to meet your business goals and objectives. When you hire us, we will deliver:

  • ✔️SEO optimized landing pages that will convert your site visitors to customers.
  • ✔️Professional keyword research that ensures your website is found by the people who are looking for it.
  • ✔️Thought-provoking and sales-geared articles written to create a positive online reputation for your brand and products.
  • ✔️Authoritative promotional press releases that are submitted to the top PR news sites and marketed online with strategies that yield results.
  • ✔️Social media profile creation using optimized content that aims to enhance your brand and get your website found.
  • ✔️Social bookmarking across networks in Canada that will help to promote your landing pages and products.
  • ✔️Submission to online Canadian directories that cause an increase in search engine awareness and an authoritative approach to your niche.
  • ✔️Multilingual SEO technique that involves video optimization and promotion.
  • ✔️Effective technical SEO that will skyrocket your website to the first pages of Google.

With all these many benefits, why would you not hire SEO Alberta? Or are you comfortable with stagnant sales, poor website traffic, hectic, and unnecessary do-it-yourself SEO campaigns that see you working against deadlines, stressed, and confused?

SEO Alberta will not only improve your website's performance on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). We will also generate qualified leads and increase sales for your business.

SEO Driven Campaigns

Whether you a startup or a growing business, our SEO service company will develop SEO solutions that will help to grow your business and achieve fast growth through effective search engine marketing techniques proven to yeild optimal results.

Over the years, we have serviced companies in the B2B (Business to Business), and B2C (Business to Consumer) industry helping them to scale their growth online and providing proven results they seek.

Regardless of your challenge, whether to boost online traffic to your website, rank for keywords, or growth hack your company to success, we are the Alberta SEO company that provides services that keeps you ahead of the competition on Google Search Engine result pages.

Improved Ranking

Nowadays, customers are turning to the internet to look for goods and services. It has become important for to make your business website or web assets visible to your potential customers or clients.

While investing in SEO is more than a short-term investment, Albertans need SEO marketing because of the long-term benefits they will derive from this, which include:

Improved Rankings.

The best way to bring qualified organic traffic to your website is by ranking on the first page of Google’s search result pages. We use a combination of the latest strategies to improve website rank for specific keywords so that your target audience can find you easily online.

Effective SEO Strategies

We will audit your site and create an actionable plan that will maximize your visibility online. We follow a series of simple steps for our SEO audit, which include:

  • ✔️A general analysis of your website to determine its strengths and weaknesses, then create an SEO strategy.

  • ✔️Identify the factors, whether on-site or off-site, that affect your search result positions on Google or other search engine platforms.

  • ✔️A comprehensive SEO audit report, which includes a competitive scorecard, backlink report, and future site strategy.
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Amazon SEO

If you want to put your products before the right audience, then you should consider building a strong Amazon SEO Strategy.

The audience you get on Amazon is not just any kind of audience, but a large one that will guarantee the sale of your products. It is no longer news that Amazon dominates the eCommerce online sales industry, with it controlling over 50% of the total market share.

Most eCommerce retailers make the mistake of wanting to ignore or fight the Amazon competition. Some think that if they ignore hard enough or if they somehow persevere. And ride it out. They won’t keep losing customers to their Amazon competitors. Read More 

Ecommerce SEO

We offer SEO services to online eCommerce stores. Many of our clients who sell online have enjoyed our SEO solutions. Our eCommerce SEO service is great for eCommerce businesses.

Have you ever evaluated how strong your web store online presence is? Are your target customers finding it easy to find your products using common keywords that relate to your business? If Not, we are Alberta's leading SEO company that specializes in SEO services for ecommerce websites. We offer a variety of SEO packages tailored to E-commerce websites.

Are you looking to increase your clientele? If yes, then ranking top of Google is your best bet. Your website need to have the right keywords that prospective customers are using to search online. Read More 

Business Service SEO

It might sound like a low-impact marketing strategy when we talk about showing up on search engine result pages, but in reality, it is a high-impact marketing strategy. Google receives more than 60,000 searches every second of the day.

With that large amount of searches happening, it is important that your website shows up on results when searches are made for services related to your business. If not, your competition will move past you in securing a prospect and convert them to loyal customers.

If you don't know how to get your website up in the first page of search engine platforms like Google, that’s where we come in to help. We are a full-service SEO company that offers everything, from keyword research to analytics and all in between. Read More 

Organic Traffic

When you bring qualified organic traffic to your website through SEO, you are most likely to turn them into customers. No matter the industry your business belongs to, an essential part of your growth is generating leads by bringing in new organic visitors to your website every day.

We build our campaigns around your business needs. Whether this means spending more time in content creation, on-page optimization, or link-building, we do everything we can to grow your business.

We don’t just jump right into any kind of campaign; we first research your online activities, note your marketing history and find out what part of your campaign should take a chunk of the budget for the kind of results you seek.

Increased Leads

Because we know that your most important goal is to increase the number of leads and sales through your website, thus, we align our SEO campaigns to fit into your primary business process. With the aim of increasing leads and sales through effective SEO campaign.

We have helped numerous clients from a variety of businesses with first-class SEO services that skyrocketed their websites to rank high on search result pages, and thus, improving their growth and revenues.

If you are looking to generate leads for your business, SEO Alberta can help achieve just that.

High ROI And Affordability

Every marketing campaign will come at its own costs. Often advertising campaigns are the costliest. But with SEO, you can advertise your products and services for pennies on a dollar. Even better, you can make a higher turnover without breaking the bank. This is so important for small businesses just starting out and do not have the financial capacity to launch large advertising campaigns.

Our team continues to learn new and innovative strategies and processes that ensure your website is always improving in its search result position. This also enables us to provide all-round holistic SEO solutions that have helped our clients grow their businesses beyond expectations.


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