Amazon Store SEO

Amazon store SEO. Do you sell on Amazon? If you answer Yes, the next question is: how many sales do you make a day? Let’s assume you sell 2 products every day. Do you know you can triple that number with an effective SEO campaign?

It is no longer news that Amazon dominates the eCommerce online sales industry, as of today Amazon controls over 50% of the total market share. These days, people prefer to shop on Amazon than anywhere else. 


Amazon store SEO


Knowing that Amazon is the place people often shop from. Wouldn’t it be wise to optimize your web store both on-site and offsite? Simply adding pictures of your products will not boost sales. Not even running “Amazon PPC ads” is enough to increase your sales on Amazon.

The best way to increase your sales on Amazon is through effective Amazon store SEO. Most eCommerce retailers make the mistake of ignoring SEO on their Amazon store. We have seen retailers generate millions simply by optimizing their Amazon store.

Amazon is an eCommerce behemoth, and the earlier you take advantage of it, the better for you. Instead of ignoring SEO for your Amazon store, you need to start leveraging the power of SEO to increase sales for your Amazon store.

For example, you can build and optimize your eCommerce store and send the traffic to your Amazon store or you can create an authority blog for your products and send the traffic to your Amazon store. This is the strategy most retailers take and have so far generated millions for some.

Of course, there are other strategies to use.

For many years, we have been providing Amazon store SEO in Alberta and all over Canada:



Some of our clients have dominated their niche.

Our experience in the field of eCommerce SEO has given us the knowledge and skill which we apply to produce astounding results.


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